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Our experienced engineering team has expertise across diverse industries and will work with you through all stages of solution delivery; system analysis & architecture, systems engineering, design and development, prototyping & testing, manufacturing, certifications & regulatory approvals and system integration.

TAS team brings diverse experience developing wide ranging products and solutions through RF & Communication Systems, RFID & Biometrics, IOT & M2M Wireless Data Solutions, Medical Devices, Assistive Technologies, Health Informatics Solutions, Industrial Automation & Control Systems, Automotive solutions, IPTV, Robotics, Broadcast systems & Multimedia processing solutions; and have a track record of bringing innovative solutions to market with a very satisfied customer base.  

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Our portfolio includes Functional Electrical Stimulation device for stroke rehab, Myoelectric Prosthetics solution, Biofeedback and Stimulation devices, Diagnostic Imaging Solution, Clinical Data Management and Decision Support Solutions, Robotic Rehabilitation devices, SaaS platform for Therapy delivery, M2M Wireless Data solution for Utilities, RFID solutions for healthcare and logistics,  Cold Chain Monitoring solution for Pharma and Food sectors, Patient Monitoring solution, NHTSA solution for passenger classification/security, Broadband over UTP solution, GL, AR, AP, and various other financial solutions

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